Megacorp Group have a variety of standard 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom, modelled in one or two storeys, home designs for you to choose from. Our homes each come with a distinct feel and look to them to cater to various tastes and aesthetics. From ultra-modern and sleek to more traditional and classic styles, you’re sure to find a home to fall in love with. Contemporary or classic, all our homes come fully equipped with the latest in interior design and fitting. Already have a design and plan on hand?

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Granny Flats

Sympathetic and practical interior design contributes to making new granny flat additions built onto existing homes easy to live in, and with. Together, we can build every aspect of your granny flat project to meet your specific needs, taking careful measure to ensure it’s done correctly from the very beginning. During your initial consultation, Megacorp specialists will discuss with you each of your needs and how we can best utilise the Granny Flat space and interior design features in order to fulfill these. We’ll help you express your thoughts on design,

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What is the easiest way of ensuring your property retains its value? Regular maintenance! A home is one of the biggest investments you’re going to make in your life, so it’s essential to do what you reasonably can to protect that investment. Australian homes are constantly being subjected to Australia’s rather harsh climate – from intense heat, to heavy rain and hail storms. Along with the every day wear and tear, this can really take its toll on buildings. A little bit of care and attention today can save a

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Renovations and Extensions

Homes should grow along with its occupants. Through the years come different changes – new design trends, new family members, or just a general change in preference. Whether through design or through an expansion, homes should evolve to accommodate your specific demands. We can help you with that. Megacorp Renovations and Extensions have developed an industry-wide reputation, supported by national and international accreditation, for cost-effective renovations and extensions of family homes. All completed to the highest quality, finished with fine detail, and using the best and most suitable materials. We’ve put together

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