Sympathetic and practical interior design contributes to making new granny flat additions built onto existing homes easy to live in, and with. Together, we can build every aspect of your granny flat project to meet your specific needs, taking careful measure to ensure it’s done correctly from the very beginning.

During your initial consultation, Megacorp specialists will discuss with you each of your needs and how we can best utilise the Granny Flat space and interior design features in order to fulfill these. We’ll help you express your thoughts on design, and perhaps with the aid of our experience, offer some advice, creative ideas, and the inspiration to maximise the potential of the new space.

The addition of a granny flat is a great way to maximise the value in your existing home. It’s a relatively straightforward, quick and inexpensive to increase value and generate an income stream.

Our years in the business have helped countless homeowners and investors maximise the value of existing property. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can enhance your current property and make it a viable source of income in as little time as possible. After all, a granny flat built to the highest Australian and international standards, where every detail has been thought of and/or approved by you, is a sound investment.

Benefits of building a Granny Flat, include:

  • Relatively inexpensive way to increase a home’s value
  • Can generate an income stream to help with family budgeting
  • Can be used as in investment property
  • Can be used by family members if not rented out

You create the goal, we make it happen. You and Megacorp - together we make a great team. Call us today for an obligation-free discussion of your granny flat requirements.